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Donna Marie Montagino

Hi, I’m Donna Marie, Certified Health Coach and founder of FOCUSED – Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching. I am passionate for healthy food, fitness, faith & family. I believe in focusing on the things we can control in life and doing whatever is within our power to move towards optimal health and wellness!

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Along with being a Certified Health Coach, I am a wife, mom and grandmother of one beautiful grandson. I have had a passion for health and wellness for as long as I can remember, and today I spend my free time strength training, exercising, working in my yard, growing my own vegetable garden and cooking – and love capturing all those treasures through photography. I have lived in south Louisiana all my life and, although faced with the everyday temptations of our incredible southern cuisine, I thought my “once in a while” and all the “healthy” routines I was doing was enough. I thought I was doing everything right, and I was wrong. I encountered a challenge when I received some numbers back that I didn’t like very much. The report sent me on a mission to find what it was I was missing from my “healthy” lifestyle. I have a paralegal background and love to research so I spent countless hours attempting to find a solution. What I found was Dr. Sears and the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I bought some of his books, read and applied the information that addressed my issues, and literally turned my numbers around – by letting food be my medicine and making a few lifestyle changes. I furthered my education to earn my certification as a Health Coach and started sharing the information I learned to help those I love with the health challenges they were facing. I feel so blessed to have taken my passion for helping others and my love for health and wellness to the next level through being a Certified Health Coach. I love the feeling of responsibility to share with others the knowledge that has been entrusted to me and helping others attain optimal health for the challenges they face. Contact me now so we can begin your journey towards optimal health!

Get focused… get passionate… get results!